Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I'm done with my finals. And yes technically with my first semester too. But how can I be so sure yang tak kena repeat kan? So, selagi tak dapat result, then I'm not gonna claim that I've ended my first semester. Not praying for it, but Im trying not to put too much hope. Don't aim too high, You might fall hard and broken if you fail, right?

So, here I am spending my 7 months hols at my sister's crib. Ohh ya Shah Alam.And I'm thinking of working. Wehh mati duduk tak buat pape 7 minggu kan? Well yesterday I finally met Zarith. Yeayyy! Even we met for 30minutes something something sebab dia rushing. But still, yaah glad to meet him. Nothing much changed on him. Except for ,weh zho, mu koho berisi loni. 9months and 26days of not meeting him and Alhamdulillah yesterday even macam plan jadi tak jadi. Jadi jugak sekejap. Looking forward to meet you again. Banyak benda nak update ni kann?

Well guys, happy holiday. I miss Lendu. Seriously

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