Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm missing, I'm glad

I'm missing my life in past 2 years. Everything seems perfect. Family, home in Kelantan , Bestfriends, Scandals and Lover. Funny how I used to hate my life before especially the high school part and now I'm missing every single thing in high school. Friends, annoying teachers and even the homeworks.HAHA

But yes,

I'm glad, now in Lendu I have bunch of great friends. Ze roomates are awesome. Tyra, Eleena and Zee. Even sometimes they was the most pervert people in my life and they always scared me with the sexual thingy. I still love them ,so much. This is my first time trying out new things. I mean the boarding life thingy. Before never ever in my life I experience boarding school life or even camping thingy. So yes, not bad for the first timer. The classmates was great too, even sometimes there was conflict here and there, but still at the end of the day everything went fine. Brothers and sisters right? And yaah my favourite buddies. The BbCupps,  Ghaffur, Aman, Mior, Ein and Nana. Ohh thank you guys for all the times you guys had spend with me.

Thank you for all the laugher and tears :)

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