Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Port Dickson-Telok Kemang

Yesterday by 3pm after BBM's test, Ghaffur, Mior, Aman, Nana, Ein and Me went to Telok Kemang as them guys very very very eager about the banana boat ride and overnight as Ghaffur never experienced it before and most of us never ride a banana boat.

After 2 hours journey and sesat bagai, we finally reached Pantai Telok Kemang and first thing first ! The Banana Ride. All of us was very excited, alahhh first time kan? Dengan bajet diva jalan pakai payung bagai. HAHAHAHAHA. The ride was awesome like seriously awesome. But part last yang dia jatuhkan kitaorang tu tak awesome. Well I cant swim, so even pakai life jacket pun cuak kan. The moment that I fell and I cant feel my feet, I started to cry and luckily semua sayang I, so Aman handed me his hands and swim to save me. Woooh. And Ghaffur too and yeah Mior too. Untunglah saya ramai life saver.

After that, the guys saw people here and there ber kayak bagai so yes gatal sungguh mereka mereka itu untuk try. So again, Mia in the water , DISASTER. But still, thank you guys for forcing me untuk buat semua ni. First time kot. Even I freak out gila masa kat tengah tengah laut dengan kayak tu yang terhuyung hayang. Thank to Aman again.

So we went for dinner at Cowboy Deluxe, very fancy restaurant. Alahh tak ada lah fancy sangat. The food was good. Seriously. And not to forget on our way to Port Dickson, berenti dekat Family Store yang ala ala Walmart tu and we started to dance our flashmob routine. Yes, capub much right? Tiba2 terasa macam dalam Glee.

Them guys bought something for bonfire and marshmellow too. So bercamp fire lah kitaorang dekat Port Dickson from 10pm to 7am. We had much fun together at the beach. Sejuk tak payah cakap lah kan. And by 4am+ , they get tired and take a nap. Like seriously I cant sleep because I saw many wild dogs. So I stayed up to watch for the wild dogs and as usual observing dorang tidur (okay dah jadi habit suka observe orang tidur). So I didnt sleep last night and now I'm gonna take a very long nap. 

Guys, thank you for the priceless experience and thanks for reading.

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